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KyAgateSphereJohn Leeds, owner and operator of Leeds Jewelry, is a designer and promoter of Kentucky Agate and the beauty it can hold. Kentucky Agate has a wide variety of colors and shapes, please take a minute and enjoy some of nature's natural splendor. At this point I have two distinct styles of work: my acid etched line and my Kentucky Agate line. My acid etched items are built in layers of precious metals with the use a laser welder. After the items are built they are then flooded with alloy, placed in acid and then textured and polished. Everything in this line is made to have an old world look. agate-jewelry1My Kentucky Agate jewelry line is all centered on the stone. I look for the best line pattern of color to go with my design. Fortunately, I have a lapidary workshop in my studio. I enjoy working with rock that has usual markings and color combination; these gems add unique flare to my hand crafted jewelry. At the end of the day, I  have just one goal in mind and that is to create some form of art that makes a person want to stop, look, touch and even try it on and create wearable art that is true object of desire. All of my work is one-of-a-kind, signed and numbered. Kentucky's state rock, Agate is a microscopically crystalline form of quartz, a silicate mineral, has delicate and varying shades of color arranged in layers. In the typical occurrence the bands are irregular, curved, or in concentric patterns. Agate is used as an ornamental material or in semi-precious jewelry. The color banding is usually related to chemical impurities; for example, iron gives a red or orange color and manganese or calcium give black or blue colors.

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