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About the Artist

John Leeds, Jewelry Artist

John "Johnny Rocks" Leeds, Jewelry Artisan

John "Johnny Rocks" Leeds has been creating original art since 1992. He studied jewelry design in Florence, Italy, and at Eastern Kentucky University, from which he graduated with a degree in Art. His jewelry displays influences from his studies in Italy and his Irish heritage. Each piece is an original design, handcrafted from the finest materials. John"Johnny Rocks" Leeds is primarily a jewelry artisan.  He makes wearable objects of desire as well as repairing cherished works. He has owned and operated his business (studio/shop) in Richmond, Kentucky  since 1992. His work has developed into a marriage of precious metals and fine art. At this point, he has two distinct styles of work: an acid etched line and a Kentucky Agate line. His acid etched items are built in layers of precious metals with the use a laser welder. After the items are built they are then flooded with alloy, placed in acid and then textured and polished. Everything in this line is made to have an old world look. John "Johnny Rocks" Leeds’ Kentucky Agate jewelry line is all centered on the stone. He looks for the best line pattern of color to go with the design. Fortunately, he has a lapidary workshop in his studio.
“I enjoy working with rock that has usual markings and color combination; these gems add unique flare to my hand crafted jewelry. At the end of the day, I have just one goal in mind and that is to create some form of art that makes a person want to stop, look, touch and even try it on and create wearable art that is true object of desire.”  - John Leeds
All of his work is one-of-a-kind, signed and numbered.


  • Juried member of the Kentucky Craft Market
  • Juried member of the Kentucky Guild of Artisans and Craftsmen
  • Member of the Michigan Guild, The Guild of Artists and Artisans
  • Member of the Ohio Designer Craftsmen


  • Attended Eastern Kentucky University
  • Graduated in 1995 with a Bachelors in Art
  • Trained in jewelry by Tim Glotzbach at EKU
  • Trained in printmaking by Don Dewey
  • Studied in Florence, Italy under Tomaso Fuji

Work Experience:

  • Have operated and owned a retail and custom shop since 1991
  • Provide retail and wholesale repair
  • Create original jewelry either through my design or the customer’s design
  • Kentucky Guild of Artists and Artisan
  • Gem Cutter: Lapidary Services

Past Shows:

  • Kentucky Craft Market, March 2005 through 2007
    • Kentucky Craft: The Market’s 25th Anniversary
    • Orsam Sylvania Designer Showcase Participant 2007
    • Designer Showcase Participant 2008
  • Kentucky Guild of Artisans and Craftsmen Shows since 2000
  • Annual Capital Expo Festival: June 2006
  • Holiday Fair: November 2006
  • Tucson Gem Fair: January 2007
  • Elmhurst Museum: Art in the Park, May 5-6 2007
  • Berea International Fair: May 17-20 2007
  • Arts on the Green: 2007-2008
    • Award winner 2008
  • Francisco's Farm: 2007-2008
  • New York International Gift Fair: August 11-15, 2007
  • Woodland Art Fair: August 17-18 2007
  • Mayfest: Lexington, KY. May 10 2008
  • Tucson February 2009
  • KY Craft Market: February 2009
  • Francisco’s Farm: 2009